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3D Interactive Virtual Tours

A Virtual Tour is a simulation of an existing location, composed of a sequence of still images to create a 3D interpretation of a real space.

Our Virtual Tours allow a visitor to explore a space entirely on their own as if they were standing there. We have the ability to provide a curated guided tour to highlight specific areas in the space, with the viewers' ability to discover even more along the way.

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360° Views

Similar to a 3D Virtual Tour, we can create a 360° photo from a single location which allows viewers to see their surroundings.

360° Views are easy to embed into social media posts like Facebook.

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HDR Photography

HDR stands for “high dynamic range.” An HDR photo is the combination of at least three photos taken at different exposure levels, thus providing the full range of colors and brightness.

Capturing photography using an HDR method ensures the greatest visibility of all the important features in the shot, including everything from the grain in the hardwood floors to capturing the views of the outside.

We capture every project using this method to ensure a perfect shot every time.

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Highlight Videos

We can help create a lasting impression on viewers by providing a highlight video showcasing the property, neighborhood, local landmarks, and much more.

Videos can be enhanced by adding text, music, logos, embedded photos, and even a voice overlay.

Services For Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (AEC) Professionals

3D Area Scanning

Using our powerful 3D cameras, we're able to capture 3D data points and convert them into usable graphics, as well as 2D and 3D-format files.

During the scanning process, our experts are also able to annotate problem areas and identify points of interest for the team to view.

Our 3D scanning capabilities are accurate within 1% of reality and presented in ultra-high-definition graphics.

In the animation below, we captured the structural crawlspace area below a residential condominium building to document the as-built structural pier locations.

Construction Progress Documentation

We offer several options to gather construction progress documentation, catered to fit the Client's needs. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as-needed visits help tell the story of how the project is progressing.

The Client may dictate their required shots or let us handle it for you. We offer automated flight options that guarantee similar shots and angles on every visit to ensure a perfect view. These services include ground and aerial photography, as well as video captures, as shown below for a multi-use high-rise building.

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As-Built Documentation

Once a 3D area scan is complete, we're able to generate incredibly accurate 2D and 3D files for the team's use. These files can be opened using simple image viewers or edited and manipulated using common CAD programs.

Photogrammetry & Land Mapping

Photogrammetry is the product of obtaining information of physical objects and the environment by photographic means. In our case, we use our sophisticated drones with cameras to capture 3D data of an existing place to create a 3D model representation.

The 3D models that we create are used in land mapping, surveying, delineating contours, quantity take-offs, measurements and dimensioning, site planning, and much more. Similar to the 3D objects shown in products like Google Earth, our Photogrammetry services provide accurate and up-to-date real-world 3D photography.

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Thermal Imaging

We provide thermal imagery, infrared thermography, and thermal video through our state of the art thermal drone camera!

With thermal imagery, construction professionals can assess the thermal losses of a facade and observe the conditions of a structure without the need of a ladder or scaffolding.

The details of the scene are visible and coloured to reveal the thermal differences and the areas of loss. 3 groups of settings are available:
- Relative: displays the range of temperature differences, from the hottest to the coldest
- Absolute: set the range of temperature values
- Spot: only the hottest or coldest spots are isolated

Our Thermal capability embeds the very best from the world of imaging using a 4K HDR camera with 21MP Sony sensor. We can accurately inspect a building, capture illustrative elements of the state of a structure or a search area for example, or carry out 3D modelling.

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