About the project

The Realtor Client asked us to provide our most effective visual products to help sell this residential property.  The HDR Photography and Videography package included interior and exterior still photography, aerial drone photography, video footage, and a 90-second highlight video.  Upon receiving the inquiry about the project, the work was shot the next day and the deliverables were sent to the MLS the following morning!


Project Deliverables

Interior Photography

Exterior & Aerial (Drone) Photography

Highlight Reel

A short video showcasing the house, neighborhood amenities, and proximity to nearby landmarks.
View the Highlight Reel

Share & Embed

The 3D model and exported images can be easily shared on social media and embedded into a blog or website for easy collaboration, including Facebook, Google Maps, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), VRBO, HomeAway, among others.

For even greater reach, we can embed the virtual tour directly to these partners:

Why Real Estate Professionals Hire Shamrock Drones

We know what it takes to sell a home.  Quite frankly, we know it’s not just the “pretty photos” that get that job done.  Instead, it takes a team of people with the right skills and resources to sell a home.  That’s where we can help!

We are on the “sell this house” team!  Our goal is to provide a high-quality product to our Realtor Clients within a short turnaround time.  We do not want to cause a hesitation in the momentum towards the sale, so we get in, get to work, and get the Client what they need.  No more, no less.

Our equipment is professional grade – you won’t find point-and-shoot cameras here.  And we don’t stop at drones.  We provide specialized HDR photography packages and a la carte menu pricing to ensure a perfect fit for every Client.  Need a neighborhood highlight video? You got it.  Need a deferred payment plan? Just mention our Realtor 50/50 Deal!

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Products & Deliverables

HDR Photography Method

HDR stands for “high dynamic range.” Capturing real estate photography using HDR ensures the greatest visibility of all the important features in the shot, including everything from the grain in the hardwood floors to capturing the views of the outside.  Without the HDR Photography method, the windows would appear to be washed out and we wouldn’t be able to show-off the fantastic views of the marsh that the prospective buyers will be able to enjoy from inside the home.

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