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Why We Use High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

The results are clear. We implement HDR photography on every project to ensure our Clients receive the perfect photo every time.

HDR Photography Method

HDR stands for “high dynamic range.” Capturing real estate photography using HDR ensures the greatest visibility of all the important features in the shot, including everything from the grain in the hardwood floors to capturing the views of the outside.  Without the HDR method, the windows would appear to be washed out and we wouldn’t be able to show-off the fantastic views of the marsh that the prospective buyers will be able to enjoy from inside the home.

How it works

An HDR photo is the combination of at least three photos taken at different exposure levels, thus providing the full range of colors and brightness.  Luckily, by using our state of the art digital cameras for this purpose, creating these bracketed photos doesn’t add to the amount of time it takes to shoot the whole project.  The camera is able to take all three photos with the same press of the shutter button.

Once we’ve captured all of the bracketed shots, we use an advanced method to generate the final (aka beautiful) HDR photographs using post-processing software before returning the photos to the client.


The Bottom Line

A great camera doesn’t guarantee a great photoshoot.  Shamrock Drones has years of experience in creating HDR photography specifically focused on real estate and residential properties.  If you’re looking for high-quality real estate photography at a reasonable price, contact us to schedule your next project!

Shamrock Drones - Aerial BeforeShamrock Drones - Aerial After
Shamrock Drones - Interior BeforeShamrock Drones - Interior After

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