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Document Your Assets For Insurance

It’s better to protect yourself now and document your possessions rather than trying to do it after a major event.  Our best advice is to photograph everything thoroughly – and often.

Luckily, we’ve learned that most insurance claims adjusters prefer high-resolution photography and video footage over just a list of inventory.  These graphic documents tell a more complete story, such as the last known condition of the asset, its location, how it was being stored, and more.

Additionally, providing photos and videos of your assets gives better proof to your insurance company that these assets were in your possession.  Better yet, we’ll keep a copy of digital documentation in case the worst happens.

"If It Isn't Documented In The File, It Doesn't Exist"

Unfortunately, this is a very common saying in the insurance claims world.  However, photographic documentation helps settle insurance claims faster by providing a more holistic “picture” of the asset, which reduces the time needed to carry out a more thorough investigation.  Furthermore, by creating photos and videos of the assets as evidence of the condition of the asset before a claim, all parties benefit by saving time and money during a claim.

When Shamrock Drones gathers insurance documentation for our Clients, we ensure every photo and video captured includes embedded timestamps and even GPS data.  This additional information provides even more hard facts of the asset, which are more difficult to refute as evidence.  This reduces the risk of loss and fraud during the claims process.

Create a Home (or Business) Asset Inventory

According to State Farm Insurance, “a home inventory can expedite insurance claims process after theft, damage or loss.”  They recommend creating a visual record along with a written and digital inventory of your belongings.  “A visual record of your possessions shows proof of ownership.”

Better yet, we can even create 3D virtual tours and as-built construction documents to show proof of ownership with remarkable accuracy.  For example, our 3D asset documents can be measured with an accuracy within 1% of reality.

To learn more effective ways to create an asset inventory, click here.

Services Offered

Shamrock Drones offers the following Documentation Services, specifically relating to pre- and post-event damage assessments and inspections.

Benefits to Our Clients

Project Deliverables

Post-Event Damage Assessments

We customize every Insurance Photography & Documentation project to fit our Clients' needs, before and after claim events. We are essentially on-call to act after disaster strikes to ensure there's an eye in the sky.
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Recurring Progress Updates

We can arrange return visits after the Post-Event Damage Assessment has been completed to literally oversee the progress being made on repairs and keeping an eye on the assets.
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Photos & Videos

Along with the still photographs, we provide high-resolution video clips to show you more of the assets in less time.
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View the Damage & Repair in Photos

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