Drones (properly referred to as small unmanned aerial vehicles/systems, or sUAS for short) are a popular topic of controversy these days.

Phantom 4 Pro
DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Some people worry about their privacy and believe drones to be just another way they can be spied on.  Drone companies, as we’re called, argue that drones are not a threat to people or privacy and are quite safe and reliable.

The reality is that drones are efficient and cheap. They potentially could replace expensive labor for difficult and sometimes even dangerous situations. Here are some uses for drones you may have heard of, as well as some potential future uses that maybe you haven’t.

Military: The military have been using drones to do some pretty amazing things like fly missions over Afghanistan. They also help in missions such as gaining intel instead of putting military personnel in danger. Not to mention, it is significantly cheaper than owning an operating a helicopter.

Real Estate: Drones have been a game changer in real estate marketing. Listings using drone images do very well. Potential home buyers enjoy being able to see a birds-eye view of the entire property from the comfort of, well, anywhere.

Architecture, Engineering, & Construction: Drones can now be dispatched regularly to acquire construction site progress photos and videos, capable of producing the same shots from the same angle every time.  They’re used for inspections and compliance with construction documents, local building codes, safety measures, building tolerances, thermal imaging, leak detection, insurance inspections, and much more.

Agriculture: Drones are a cost effective and time saving alternative to planting crops, spreading seeds, applying fertilizer and insecticides, and even picking and harvesting crops. It is possibly the largest area of growth in the drone industry.

Monitoring traffic: Currently drones are being tested to monitor traffic highways and bridges. Their cameras and laser mapping technology are able to alert officials to things such as accidents and traffic jams.

Making deliveries: The idea of drones making small package deliveries or food deliveries has been a recent topic of conversation. Some say it will never happen, but drone companies disagree. Drones may be delivering our pizzas in the very near future, if not already.


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Shamrock Drones

Emergency response: Helicopters are out. Drones are in. Drones are a much more affordable option for local and state law enforcement. Also considered to be a more effective and safe way to fight crime and help protect citizens and help locate victims. Some local sheriffs’ departments have deployed drones to help battle devastating fires. They have sent in drones sporting thermal infrared cameras to help pinpoint hot spots. The FAA has approved many law enforcement agencies to use drones across the nation.


Monitor & Protect wildlife: Drones are being sent to Africa and other parts of the world to monitor and protect wildlife. They are able to capture video or infrared imagery. They can help monitor the impact that climate change has on wildlife. Drones also help to protect wildlife from poachers.

Dangerous labor jobs: Jobs working on sites such an oil rig or power/telephone poles can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. Drones are a very efficient and safe way to keep a birds-eye view of oil pipelines helping to spot leaks.

Drones are making a huge impact and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. They are here to stay and are sure to play an important role in the future of technology.  Shamrock Drones is happily along for the ride!

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